Nadia Nakai is inspired by Beyonce’s hourglass body

Posted by Rui Tyler on 22-10-20 (20:53)

Nadia Nakai is inspired by Beyonce’s hourglass body
Nadia Nakai takes to social media gushing over the American singer, Beyonce’s body structure.

The international star has one of the huge fan base, and her body is one thing worth admiring.

Nadia also has a good body which has attracted lots of admirers, however, she’s stunned at Bey’s banging body.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper said she’s sure Beyonce’s surgeon does a huge work on her body, especially on her booty and waist.

“I’m convinced Beyoncé has had work done… booty, waist? something, I’m sure the surgeon just comes to her house and they do it in her living room…”

Queen Bragga’s body has been one of her major point of attraction even when it comes to her music.

Despite flaunting her body, the star recently called Shane Eagle to order, after he shook the internet with the size of his eggplant.

“”Hahahahaha! At his shows all we see is his Mamba! He should focus on selling his music and stop trying sell us sex! He should respect his body man! I’m sick of this!”

[Source: Fakazanews]

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