See Five Beautiful Photos of Thembi Seete

Posted by Rui Tyler on 14-10-20 (21:24)

Thembi Seete

Below we will share 5 beautiful pictures of Actress and Singer Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete is the perfect definition of someone who would do all that it takes to get to where she wants to be.
Well, she has been getting the bags and she is not ready to relent anytime soon.

However, Woman Crush Wednesday(WCW) is a day where women applaud each other for their looks, or brag about lack there of.
Today, we would be celebrating Thembi as today’s Woman Crush Wednesday.
Let’s take a look at who Thembi Seete really is:

Thembi Seete is a presenter, an actor, and a singer.
She has an admirable career history.
She started as a musician who used to sing in a group that later on split, making her venture into being a solo artist.

She grew her solo music career before trying out acting, and then she ventured into media and grew her brand as a presenter on radio.

She would also host shows on TV. Her life is an inspiration to most people. Thembi Seete Thembi Seete Thembi Seete Thembi Seete Thembi Seete

Things To Know About Thembi Seete

Born: 25 March 1977 (age 43 years), Soweto

Parents: Rebecca Seete

Siblings: Moagi Seete

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