Boity Thulo on not able to finish her University education

Posted by Rui Tyler on 10-10-20 (18:30)

Boity Thulo Boity Thulo had a dream of becoming a Criminal Psychology or Serial Killer Profiler but she could not due to financial difficulties.

The star started by attending a top school, a university which is formerly known as Monash, but her mother could not make her childhood career aspirations possible sue to inability to provide her basic needs.

Boity never thought she could find herself in the entertainment industry but it looks like she had no choice than to flow with it and she has made her name and achieved a lot.

Boity let the people know that she wanted to be either a Criminal Psychology or Serial Killer Profiler.

Se has a big dreams that clearly stemmed from CSI or something.

Boity said: “Oh, yes. Statistical Psychology demoralized me in University. I felt like such a loser with that subject. Yeses!!!!!”

Despite all that went down, she stated that she would have become who she wanted to be if her mum was able to pay her fees.

See her tweets below:

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